Thermal analysis applications

Here’s an overview of our applications organized by industry. If you have any specific inquiries about a particular application, please use our contact form to reach out directly to our sales department or laboratory. If desired, we can also provide you with additional applications related to mechanical engineering, photovoltaic components, adhesives and coatings, the packaging industry, or sustainable materials.

If you don’t see a specific measurement related to your field of expertise, please feel free to request a custom measurement. We are here to meet your unique measurement needs.

Automotive & Aerospace
Building Materials
Ceramics and Glass
Pharma & Food
Electronics Industry
Metals & Alloys
Nuclear areas / Energy
Hydrogen technology
Research & Universities
Thin Film Technology

Thermal analyzers have become versatile tools applied across various industries for research and materials testing purposes.

In the realm of building materials, for instance, they are instrumental in assessing the expansion characteristics of bridge supports under different environmental conditions, aiming to prevent potential damage caused by unintended bending.

Within the chemical industry, these analyzers play a crucial role in enhancing process reliability and productivity.

In the fields of vehicle manufacturing and aerospace, they facilitate the development of advanced high-temperature materials.

In the electrical industry, thermal analyzers are employed for characterizing semiconductor materials and electronic components derived from them.

Fundamentally, thermal analysis can be applied to explore any physical or chemical properties of substances and substance mixtures that exhibit significant temperature-dependent variations.

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