DIL L75 VS CRYO – Copper – Thermal expansion

Copper sample – Thermal expansion / ultra low temperature

Thermal analysis encompasses a wide temperature range, including not only high-temperature measurements but also experiments conducted at extremely low temperatures. In many fields, the need for low or even ultra-low temperature measurements is paramount. A prime example is the rigorous demands placed on materials used in satellites and space travel, where temperatures can plummet below 10 Kelvin (-260°C).

Understanding phenomena such as thermal expansion, phase changes, and reactivity within this temperature regime is crucial. To address the need for precise thermal expansion measurements in these conditions, the Linseis L 75 dilatometer series can be equipped with a closed-loop helium cryostat, enabling measurements in the 10 Kelvin range and expanding our understanding of materials at these extreme temperatures.

App. Nr. 02-001-005 DIL L75 VS CRYO – Copper – Thermal expansion

In this particular case, a copper standard underwent a comprehensive analysis using the Linseis L 75 cryo dilatometer, covering a temperature range from 10 Kelvin to 400 Kelvin (-260°C to 125°C). The procedure involved placing the sample within the system, evacuating the sample chamber, and carefully cooling the sample down to 10 Kelvin with a controlled cooling rate. Subsequently, the expansion measurements were conducted with a controlled heating rate of 5 Kelvin per minute.

As depicted in the resulting curve, an intriguing pattern emerges. There is an evident zone of non-linear expansion between -260°C and 200°C, which is succeeded by a linear expansion phase spanning from -200°C to 125°C. Notably, the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) at ultra-low temperatures displays slight variations, adding to the depth of understanding gained from this analysis.

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