TIM-Tester – Vespel – Thermal conductivity, Thermal Impedance in Polymers

Inhomogeneous glass sample – U-value – Thermal Conductivity

An experiment was conducted using a 3-layer window glass filled with argon gas, and measurements were taken using the Linseis HFM 300 instrument within a temperature range of 10°C to 50°C. The measurements were carried out both horizontally (in a standard configuration) and vertically.

App. Nr. 02-005-002 HFM – Window Glass – Thermal transmittance – Horizontal vs. Vertical Measurement

The observed data revealed a significant disparity in the U-value results between the vertical and horizontal measurement setups. These discrepancies can be attributed to convective effects occurring within the insulation layer. This study underscores the importance of measuring inhomogeneous building materials in the orientation corresponding to their intended use in order to obtain accurate values for thermal conductivity and thermal transmittance (U-value).

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HFM – Heat Flow Meter – The perfect solution for isolating materials

Temperature range:

  • Fixed 0 to 40°C
  • var. 0 to 100°C
  • -20 up to 75°C
  • var. -30 to 90°C
  • var. -20 to 70°C
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