LFA 1000 – BCR 724 – Thermal conductivity / thermal diffusivity

Glass ceramic reference – Thermal conductivity – thermal diffusivity – specific heat

The glass ceramic reference is a robust, opaque material known for its high strength, excellent heat tolerance, and minimal thermal expansion. Its mechanical durability makes it versatile for various applications, including kitchenware, antenna windows, and radomes.

App. Nr. 02-007-003 LFA 1000 – BCR 724 – Thermal conductivity- thermal diffusivity

For the specific glass ceramic standard, BCR 724, the thermal properties were assessed using the Laser Flash LFA 1000. A small disc, 1 mm thick and 1-inch in diameter, was extracted from a bulk material plate and coated with graphite for the measurement process.

The LFA directly measures thermal diffusivity across different temperatures. To complement this, specific heat (Cp) data was acquired through a comparative method. A known ceramic standard was measured under identical conditions in a second sample position of the same sample holder. Using these values, thermal conductivity was calculated by combining density, specific heat, and thermal diffusivity. The findings indicate a slight decrease in thermal diffusivity and conductivity, while the specific heat value increases with rising temperature.

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