Chip-DSC 1 – Enthalpy of explosives – high energy DSC

Explosive samples / high energy samples – decomposition enthalpy

The analysis of high-energy materials through DSC poses inherent challenges, as there’s a potential risk of instrument damage from kinetic effects or corrosion. In cases where damage occurs, replacing sensors and furnace components can be a costly and often intricate process, typically requiring professional service.

However, with the Linseis Chip-DSC, the exchange of the sensor, complete with an integrated heater, is a user-friendly and swift procedure, taking approximately 15 minutes.

App. Nr. 02-011-009 Chip DSC 1 – Enthalpy of explosives – high energy DSC

Materials with high energy content, such as those utilized in airbags, propellants, and blasting materials, exhibit a distinctively sharp and intense exothermic peak during decomposition. The provided example illustrates the DSC measurement of 2.8 mg of airbag igniter (propellant). At the ignition temperature of 280 °C, a remarkably high and well-defined peak emerges, boasting an enthalpy value exceeding 1 kJ/g. This outcome proves invaluable for calculating the required amount of igniter and gaining insights into the substance’s temperature stability.

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Chip-DSC 1

  • The entry-level model with replaceable sensor
  • Cost-effective, highly innovative and compact DSC
  • RT up to 450°C
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