STA HP 1 – Pressure dependent decomposition – High pressure Thermogravimetry

Calcium Oxalate – Pressure dependent mass loss – Pressure TGA

The Linseis STA HP series enables controlled measurements under elevated pressure, a crucial capability for studying reactions such as decompositions, adsorption, and desorption. The behavior of samples and materials in these processes often relies heavily on atmospheric conditions due to the pressure dependency of numerous reactions.

App. Nr. 02-017-002 STA HP1 – Pressure dependent decomposition – HP TGA

The presented curves illustrate the comparative measurement of calcium oxalate hydrate decomposition under pressure (20 bar, red curve) compared to atmospheric conditions (blue curve). Noticeably, there is a significant pressure dependence observed in the decomposition steps 1 (loss of water) and 3 (loss of carbon dioxide). Under elevated pressure, these decomposition steps are shifted to higher temperatures. The second step involves the irreversible transformation from organic oxalate to inorganic carbonate, accompanied by the release of carbon monoxide. As this transformation is irreversible, it is not influenced by pressure changes.

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  • Worlds only pressure TG-DSC (STA)
  • Combined (TGA) Thermogravimetry – (DSC) Differential Scanning Calorimetry
  • Different Gas and Vapor Dosing accessories
  • RT up to 1000/1400/ 1600/ 1800°C
  • From Vacuum up to 150 bar
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