LFA 1000 – copper and aluminum – Thermal diffusivity

Metals – Thermal diffusivity – Copper / Aluminium

Metals find extensive use across various industries, leveraging unique properties such as electric conductivity, hardness, and robustness. Notably, their high thermal conductivity and diffusivity contribute to their widespread applicability.

Among metals, copper stands out for having one of the highest thermal conductivities, rivaling materials like diamond and highly conductive alloys. Determining the thermal conductivity of metals with precision poses a challenge, but the Laser Flash Analyzer (LFA) technique stands as one effective method.

App. Nr. 02-007-002 LFA 1000 – copper and aluminum – thermal diffusivity

In this example, pure metals, Copper and Aluminum, underwent measurement using the Linseis Laser Flash Analyzer (LFA 1000). The LFA assesses thermal diffusivity through a combined evaluation model known as Dusza.

Comparing the measurement results of these two materials with literature values reveals a variation within 2% of the provided literature values. This alignment underscores the high accuracy of the instrument and the efficacy of the evaluation model across a broad temperature range.

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LFA 1000

LFA 1000 – True LaserFlash Analyzer- The premium device
Temperature range -125 °C/ -100 °C bis 500 °C and RT up to 1250°C/ 1600°C/ 2000°C/ 2800°C

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