THB 100 – Ceramic filled polymer – Thermal conductivity

Polymer – Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, Specific Heat

In the pursuit of optimizing material properties, a wide array of additives are utilized in material technologies, and composite materials hold significant interest. However, it is crucial to precisely analyze the actual properties of these materials since they can exhibit considerable variations due to production conditions and composition. Composite materials find extensive applications across various industries, ranging from electronics to construction materials.

App. Nr. 02-006-003 THB 100 – Ceramic filled polymer – Thermal conductivity

The following measurement exemplifies the determination of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat of a composite material comprising a ceramic filler within a polymer matrix. This analysis was conducted using a THB-100 instrument (including the new models THB Basic, Advance, and Ultimate).

In this procedure, both the sample and the sensor were arranged in a sandwich configuration and placed in a furnace. The measurement encompassed a temperature range from room temperature to 90°C. Notably, the specific heat of the sample exhibited an increase, while the thermal diffusivity decreased within this temperature range. Conversely, the thermal conductivity remained relatively stable at approximately 0.44 W/mK, displaying only slight fluctuations in its value.

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Operating temperature: -150°C to 700°C

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