THB 100 – Epoxy – Thermal conductivity

Thermoset plastic materials – Thermal Conductivity

Epoxy-based materials such as epoxy-resins have various applications, for example as coatings, adhesives and composite materials. They are for example used for industrial tooling, electronics and in the sports or automotive industry.

Epoxies have a good adhesion, heat and chemical resistance, have good mechanical properties and are also electrical insulating. These properties can be easily modified by additives, so that they can also offer a high thermal insulation or a good electrical conductivity. As they are used frequently in construction, their thermal conductivity is of interest in many application fields.

App. Nr. 02-006-001 THB 100 – Epoxy – Thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of a cured epoxy sample was measured by THB-100 (new model THB Basic, Advance, Ultimate) at room temperature and 50 °C. Therefore, the sample was placed together with the sensor (sandwich-setup) in a furnace. The thermal conductivity increases from 0.196 W/mK at room temperature to 0.204 W/mK at 50 °C, which is a typical range for hard polymers.

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THB – Basic, Advance, Ultimate

THB – Transient Hot Bridge – measurment of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity with new sensor and intuitive software.

Operating temperature: -150°C to 700°C

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