TIM-Tester – Vespel – Thermal Conductivity

Polymer – Thermal Conductivity

Vespel™ stands out as a high-performance polymer designed to excel under extreme conditions of thermal, electrical, and mechanical stress. Its exceptional properties include robust dimensional and thermal stability, minimal thermal and electrical conductivity, outstanding wear resistance, and excellent bearing qualities. Furthermore, it boasts remarkable resistance to chemicals and radiation. One of Vespel’s key advantages is its ability to replace conventional metals, ceramics, and polymers in many applications, resulting in lighter and more durable components.

App. Nr. 02-008-002 TIM-Tester – Vespel – Thermal Conductivity

Commonly found in industries such as aerospace, semiconductor, and automotive technology, Vespel finds a wide range of uses. In a recent experiment, a 25 mm x 25 mm Vespel sample was examined using a TIM-Tester in a temperature range spanning from 40°C to 150°C, maintaining a constant contact pressure of 1 MPa. As anticipated from literature, the thermal conductivity of Vespel increased with rising temperature during the experiment.

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The LINSEIS TIM-Tester (Thermal Interface Material Tester) measures the thermal impedance of sample materials and identifies an apparent thermal conductivity for a wide range of materials

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