LSR – Constantan – Absolute Seebeck coefficient – Thermoelectric properties up to 800 °C

Measurement of constantan reference sample – Absolute Seebeck Coefficient

Bismuth telluride stands as the sole NIST-certified reference material for the Seebeck coefficient; however, its utility is limited to a maximum temperature of 120°C. In stark contrast, Constantan emerges as a versatile option, capable of calibration at significantly higher temperatures, reaching up to 800°C.

App. Nr. 02-009-003 LSR – Constantan – Seebeck coefficient – Thermoelectric properties

In comparison to the NIST-provided Bi2Te3 reference material (SRM 3451), exclusively suitable for the low-temperature range up to 390 K, our Constantan reference sample extends its applicability to the high-temperature spectrum, specifically up to 800°C. The measurements showcase a typical outcome for both the Seebeck coefficient and electric resistivity, aligning seamlessly with the specified tolerances.

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