Chip DSC 1 – Indium melting – Heating rates

Indium reference – fast heating rates – enthalpy calibration

With the Linseis Chip-DSC series, extremely high heating rates up to 1000K/min can be achieved due to the low thermal mass of the chip sensor. The reproducibility of melting enthalpy remains excellent, even when using fast rates.

This is one of the main advantages of the system, allowing high sample throughput in quality control and analysis of thermal history and influence when fast heating and cooling rates are required, for example in polymer analysis.

App. Nr. 02-011-007 Chip DSC 1 – Indium melting – Heating rates

The example shows the melting point of an indium calibration reference material measured with different heating rates (5 K/min; 50 K/min; 100K/min; 200K/min; 300 K/min and 500K/min) on a Linseis Chip DSC 1. At higher speed, the peaks get broader and the offset can’t be determined precisely anymore, however the onset temperature and enthalpy are not affected.

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Chip-DSC 1

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