STA PT 1600 HS – calcium oxalate – high speed inductive STA

Calcium oxalate – Thermal decomposition – inorganics – fast decomposition

The innovative High-Speed STA, seamlessly integrating a classic STA PT 1600 with an additional inductive furnace for high-speed TG measurements, delivers both standard STA measurements (TG combined with simultaneous DSC or DTA) and TG measurements featuring exceptionally rapid heating and cooling rates.

This advanced system allows for the comprehensive analysis of a sample within a few minutes, inclusive of the cooling phase, yielding results comparable to standard analyses that typically extend up to 4 hours. This efficiency proves advantageous, particularly when dealing with a large number of samples requiring swift measurement, such as in quality control or process monitoring.

App. Nr. 02-004-006 STA PT 1600 HS – calcium oxalate – high speed inductive STA

The provided curves depict a Calcium oxalate standard, showcasing three mass loss steps on the green and red curves (relative and absolute delta m). The initial step involves the removal of H2O, followed by the loss of CO in the second step, and the third step signifies the loss of CO2. The resulting Calcium oxide (CaO) subsequently reacts with the residual water from the first step in the static atmosphere of the reaction chamber. This reaction manifests as the formation of Calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) around 580°C during the cooling phase.

This last step, often challenging to discern in standard STA or TG due to slow cooling rates, becomes clearly visible with the High-Speed STA, where the entire measurement cycle can be completed within just 20 minutes. In this specific example, a heating and cooling rate of 2K/s was employed, but the inductive STA allows for rates of up to 100K/s.

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