Hall system – Hall coefficient – Inorganics/semiconductors

Indium tin oxide (ITO) – Hall coefficient – resistivity – mobility

Indium tin oxide (ITO) serves as a transparent semiconductor for visible light, finding widespread use in various applications requiring optical transparency in semiconductors. It is commonly employed in diodes, microelectronics on glass substrates, and for creating invisible antennas and sensors.

App. Nr. 02-010-003 Hall system – Hall coefficient – Inorganics or semiconductors

The provided diagrams present a comprehensive measurement of the Hall coefficient, Mobility, and Resistivity for two distinct ITO thin film samples, each with a thickness of 185 nm. Both samples were prepared through sputter deposition. Across the temperature range from room temperature to 200°C, the green curve representing the Hall coefficient remains relatively constant. In contrast, the mobility (depicted by the orange curve) and resistivity show an increase with temperature.

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The HCS System (three magnet options) permits the characterization of semiconductor devices, it measures: mobility, resistivity, charge carrier concentration and Hall constant

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