LSR – Silicon Germanium alloy – Seebeck coefficient/Electrical conductivity

Semiconductor – Thermoelectric properties

Silicon Germanium alloys find extensive use as semiconductor materials in electronics, and their high-temperature stability also positions them as valuable thermoelectric materials. Consequently, these alloys are frequently employed in demanding environmental conditions, including space missions and high-temperature waste heat recovery applications.

App. Nr. 02-009-001 LSR – Silicon Germanium alloy – Seebeck coefficient Electrical conductivity

A recent LSR measurement focused on a newly developed alloy conducted in the temperature range from 50°C to 270°C. The results reveal an upward trend in resistivity with increasing temperature. Simultaneously, the absolute Seebeck coefficient was measured, demonstrating an initial increase up to approximately 140°C, followed by a discernible decrease in the Seebeck coefficient.

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