Differential Thermal Analyzer

Measurement Setups for Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA)

Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) is a widely acclaimed thermal analysis method for studying endothermic and exothermic transitions concerning temperature variations. This versatile instrument serves as a valuable tool for characterizing a broad spectrum of materials, including pharmaceuticals, food and biological substances, organic chemicals, and inorganic compounds. It effectively identifies transitions like glass transitions, crystallization, melting, and sublimation.

Moreover, DTA differential thermal analysis equipment allows for the comprehensive examination of properties such as cross-linking, decomposition, volatilization, coefficient of thermal expansion, and oxidation. Linseis takes pride in offering DTA thermal analysis equipment suitable for a wide array of applications across various industries. Our instruments provide several advantages compared to other models.

The modular design of our DTA systems facilitates the use of different furnaces, offering a wide temperature range spanning from -150°C up to 2400°C. Furthermore, a variety of measuring systems and crucibles are at your disposal.

The vacuum-tight construction of these systems empowers quantitative enthalpy determination in pristine atmospheres or under vacuum conditions as low as 10E-5 mbar. Additionally, our systems can be seamlessly coupled with Mass Spectrometers (MS) or Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometers (FTIR).

Our DTA instruments meet rigorous standards and specifications for both the instrument and its applications, including ASTM C 351, D 3417, D 3418, D 3895, D 4565, E 793, E 794, DIN 51004, DIN 51007, and ISO 10837, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of our Differential Thermal Analyzer.

DTA PT 1600

  • High temperature DTA
  • Modular instrument design (sample robot, gas dosing systems, muliple furnaces on a turntable, etc.)
  • Qualitative analysis of endothermic and exothermic reactions
  • Temperature range: -150°C up to 1000/1600/1750/2400°C
  • Price range: $

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