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Within the realm of precision instrumentation, Linseis stands as a vanguard, crafting an extensive array of dilatometers. These encompass single, double, differential, quattro, quench, deformation, laser, and optical variants. The temperature spectrum these marvels traverse is nothing short of astonishing, spanning from a frosty -263°C to a searing 2800°C. 

What sets Linseis apart is its unwavering commitment to precision. Our dilatometers are endowed with the capability to autonomously measure the alterations in length, be it in solids, powdered pastes, or even the fluid elegance of liquids. 

Crucially, our products adhere rigorously to international standards, ensuring their reliability and compatibility with established benchmarks. These standards include the likes of ASTM E831, ASTM D696, ISO 11358, ISO/DIS 9924, ASTM E1131, ASTM D3850, ASTM D6375, ASTM D6370, ASTM E2550, and ASTM D3175. Linseis, thus, empowers industries and researchers with the tools to explore the nuanced dimensions of materials, forging paths into the realm of precision and compliance.

Measured Variables and Their Diverse Applications:

Thermal Expansion Coefficient (CTE) Analysis: Unraveling the intrinsic behavior of materials when subjected to temperature fluctuations, delving deep into the fabric of their expansion tendencies.

Linear Thermal Expansion (ΔL): Capturing the subtle but significant dimensional alterations that occur as substances navigate the temperature spectrum, shedding light on their responsiveness to heat.

Sintering Temperatures and Sintering Stages: Peering into the pivotal world of sintering, pinpointing the precise temperatures and stages at which materials fuse and transform.

Glass Transition (Tg) Investigation: Discerning the elusive glass transition temperature, a pivotal marker in the metamorphosis of materials from a rigid to a more pliable state.

Phase Transitions Analysis: Probing the intricate shifts between different phases within materials, unlocking the secrets of their structural transformations.

Optimization of Burning Processes: Enhancing the art of controlled burning, refining processes with a keen eye on efficiency and effectiveness.

Volume Changes Assessment: Delving into the volumetric changes that materials undergo, providing insights into their compressibility or expansion.

Rate Controlled Sintering (RCS): Mastering the dynamics of sintering through precise control of rates, a technique vital in material processing.

Decomposition Analysis: Demystifying the decomposition process within materials, uncovering the mechanisms and variables at play.

Density Change Exploration: Investigating the variations in material density, a key parameter in understanding their structural evolution.

Linseis Dilatometer

DIL L75 PT Horizontal

  • High-performance horizontal single, differential or double pushrod dilatometer
  • Temperature range: -180 up to 1000/1600/2800 ° C
  • LVDT or optical encoder
  • Price range: $$

DIL L75 PT Vertical

  • Vertical dilatometer “Zero-Friction”
  • Multiple furnace options (up to 3 furnaces)
  • Different furnaces: -263 up to 1000/1600/1750 … 2800 ° C
  • Price range: $$

DIL L74 Optical Dilatometer

  • Non contact optical dilatometer
  • Vacuum tight design
  • optional gas dosing systems
  • -100 ° C up to 1500/1700/2000 ° C
  • Price range: $$

DIL L75 / Laser

  • Worlds only commercial absolute dilatometer – no zero run required
  • Resolution 0.3nm (300 picometer)
  • Temperature range: -180°C up to 1000°C
  • Price range: $


  • Quenching and Deformation Dilatometer family
  • determination of TTT, CHT, and CCT diagrams
  • Up to 2500 ° C / s heating and cooling
  • -150 up to 1600 ° C temperature range
  • Price range: $

DIL L75 high pressure

  • The world’s only high-pressure dilatometer
  • up to 150 bar variable pressure and gas dosing
  • RT up to 1000/1550/1800°C
  • Price range: $


  • High performance heating microscope for demanding applications
  • Vacuum tight design
  • Optional gas dosing systems
  • Temperature range: -100°C up to 1500/1700/2000°C
  • Price range: $$$


  • Robust workhorse pushrod dilatometer for quality control applications
  • Temperature range RT up to 1000/1400/1600°C
  • Price range:$$ – $$$

DIL L75 PT Quattro

  • High throughput vertical dilatometer for up to 4 samples
  • “Zero Friction”
  • Temperature range RT up to 1000/1400/1600/2000°C
  • Price range: $$$


Relative Humidity L40/RH

  • The typical temperature range for a humidity generator is between room temperature and 80°C with a controllable relative humidity from 0.2% up to 98%
  • For the analysis of food, pharmaceuticals, building materials, or biological processes
  • The other possibility is to measure under isothermal conditions

Water Vapor L40/MV

  • By mixing water vapor, produced in a water vapor generator, with a carrier gas like air, nitrogen, or helium, variable concentrations (in Vol.-%, wt.% or ppm) of the water vapor in the sample gas can be adjusted within our analyzers.
  • The generator evaporates water without necessarily mixing the residual water vapor with other purge gases, which allows a 100% H2O atmosphere at the sample.

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Horizontal vs. vertical construction

Horizontal orientation

Affordable and Sturdy Design – Combining simplicity and durability without breaking the bank.

Ideal for Moderate Temperatures – The perfect solution for applications within the medium temperature range.

User-Friendly Sample Management – Ensuring straightforward and hassle-free sample handling.

Tailored Dilatometers for Oversized Samples – Customized dilatometry solutions are available for handling large and unique sample sizes.

Vertical orientation

Frictionless Design – Featuring a zero-friction mechanism where the sample makes contact solely with the end stop and push rod.

Multi-Oven Setup – Accommodating up to three ovens, this system spans the entire temperature spectrum from -180°C to 2800°C, making it exceptionally well-suited for both low and extremely high temperatures.

Enhanced Efficiency – Facilitating higher throughput by enabling seamless transitions from a hot oven to a new cold oven for fresh measurements.

Optimal Low-Temperature Measurements – With the oven located below and the measuring compartment above, this setup guarantees access to gases, with cold air naturally descending beneath the sensor area.

Perfect for High-Temperature Testing – The arrangement with the oven above and the measuring chamber below ensures access to gases, as hot air naturally rises upward above the sensor chamber.

Space-Efficient Design – Minimizing the footprint and laboratory space requirements.

Versatile Configurations – Available in single, differential/double, and Quattro arrangements, allowing the simultaneous testing of 1, 2, or 4 samples.

Accuracy is crucial

Whether you’re overseeing a chemical reaction or gauging thermal expansion for an engineering solution, the precision of your measurement instruments is paramount. This is why customers across diverse industries entrust our devices for the utmost accuracy, regardless of the application.

Our instruments play a pivotal role in providing critical insights into the expansion and contraction behavior of building materials during production and post-installation. They are also invaluable in determining the strength and durability of metals for specific applications. As a global leader in manufacturing these instruments, you can have full confidence that every product you acquire from us adheres to the highest standards of quality and performance.

No matter your specific needs, we have the capability to meet them. To explore our comprehensive range of products, please peruse the selection on this page or get in touch with us today for more information.


DIL L76 and 75 Product brochure (PDF)

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DIL L 75 Quattro Product brochure (PDF)

DIL L75 HP Product- brochure (PDF)

DIL L78 RITA QDT Product brochure (PDF)

DIL L75 Laser Product- brochure(PDF)

DIL Special Software Brochure (PDF)

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