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The Linseis L40 Gas Dosing Systems (GDS) cater to a wide range of environmental conditions, including ultra-high vacuum, atmospheric, and high-pressure settings. These versatile systems provide standalone gas control solutions tailored to your specific needs. They even accommodate corrosive gases and can regulate humidity levels within the atmosphere as required.

Comprising top-quality electronic components for precise mixing, metering, and analysis, the EGA series offers a comprehensive solution for creating highly accurate gas mixtures. Achieving reproducible conditions is vital for ensuring high-quality measurements. Even the slightest deviations from these conditions can compromise the surrounding environment, rendering it unfit for your intended purposes.

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Atmospheric Gas Dosing System L40/205:

The L40/205*-series represents a cost-effective entry-level option, capable of blending up to four different gases seamlessly. Utilizing solenoid valves, the system allows for automated on/off switching of gases. Precise control of gas flow rates is achieved through the use of highly accurate manual rotameters.

Modell Gas lines Pressure level Dosing mechanism
L40/2052 2 Up to 1bar Electromagnetic valve
L40/2053 3 Up to 1bar Electromagnetic valve
L40/2054 4 Up to 1bar Electromagnetic valve
Pressure Gas Dosing System L40/205./HP50:

The L40/205*/HP50 series offers comprehensive electronic gas flow control for customers seeking a refined and user-friendly experience. This system is designed to operate seamlessly at pressures of up to 50 bar, enabling precise management of up to four gases simultaneously. The incorporation of high-quality MFC (Mass Flow Controller) technology guarantees exceptional flexibility and unparalleled precision when generating gas mixtures.

Modell Gas lines Pressure level Dosing mechanism
L40/2052/HP50 2+1 for pressure control Up to 50bar MFC
L40/2053/HP50 3+1 for pressure control Up to 50bar MFC
L40/2054/HP50 4+1 for pressure control Up to 50bar MFC
Pressure Gas Dosing System L40/205./HP50:

The L40/205*/HP150 series is engineered to meet the most stringent requirements in gas dosing systems, offering supreme levels of flexibility and precision, particularly for pressures up to 150 bar. This premium version is constructed with stainless steel, making it suitable for use with even the most corrosive gases.

Modell Gas lines Pressure level Dosing mechanism
L40/2052/HP150 2+1 for pressure control Up to 150bar MFC
L40/2053/HP150 3+1 for pressure control Up to 150bar MFC
L40/2054/HP150 4+1 for pressure control Up to 150bar MFC
Upgrade options:

All gas metering units offer the option of expansion with an intuitive touchscreen display. This feature enables users to have direct control over all processes and process parameters. The gas metering device can be easily operated via Intranet or Internet, providing a high level of user comfort and safety, especially when working with hazardous substances.

Furthermore, these gas metering units can be enhanced with automatic evacuation and pressure control. This advancement not only significantly improves the precision of gas atmosphere composition by removing excess gas in the reaction or measurement chamber but also allows for use in vacuum systems.

Additionally, there’s the option to connect an evaporator system to operate with a humid gas atmosphere. The micro-dosing system integrated with the evaporator ensures precise gas humidification, allowing for accurate adjustment of moisture content as needed.

Steam Generator:

The Linseis steam generator stands as a high-performance solution engineered to meet even the most demanding needs. This versatile device can operate effectively under atmospheric pressure and across a wide range from vacuum conditions up to 150 bar. Its exceptional performance is attributed to its closed-loop controlled heating system, capable of achieving temperatures of up to 400 °C.

For precise and consistent liquid flow, a robust HPLC-pump is incorporated, offering a flow rate ranging from 0.002 ml/min to 50 ml/min. These outstanding performance capabilities make this steam generator well-suited to address virtually all requirements in the field of thermal analysis.

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