Linseis TA Software for Thermal Analysis

Collecting, evaluating and understanding data

The Linseis TA software is a user-friendly and robust software package, designed to provide valuable support in both routine tasks and intricate thermoanalytical research. Tailored to work seamlessly with Linseis instruments, this thermal analysis software unlocks a multitude of capabilities for optimizing the use of our advanced measurement devices.

This versatile TA software is compatible with modern computers running Windows® operating systems such as Windows® 7, 8.1, and 10. The package comprises three essential components: an evaluation program, an administrator program, and a product-specific measurement program, all of which combine to enhance the functionality and efficiency of our instruments.

The software components

The Linseis TA Software is a modular software package that encompasses both essential management functions and specialized measurement and evaluation tools for individual measuring instruments. It can be categorized into three distinct functional areas, each of which is covered by separate programs:

Linseis TA Acquisition Software
Linseis TA Administration Software
Linseis TA Evaluation Software

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Linseis TA Acquisition Software

The Linseis TA software package presents dedicated measuring programs tailored to each type of measuring instrument, facilitating both the management of the measurement process and the comprehensive collection of pertinent data. In more intricate applications, the measurement data is archived in a database accessible by all Linseis software programs. In simpler measurement procedures, reports are generated in either PDF or text file format.

Setting the temperature profile

Moreover, many of these measuring programs extend beyond basic temperature control, providing the capability to manage various additional devices. These encompass mass flow controllers for gas regulation, pressure regulators, HPLC systems, and vacuum pumps, expanding the versatility and utility of the software.

Depending on the device type, this thermal modeling software offers the following functions:
  • Control of the measuring process
  • Temperature control
  • Recording of measurement data
  • Control of additional parameters (force, position)
  • Storage of data in the database or as a file
  • Saving and using measurement templates
  • Instrument calibration
  • Control of external devices (pressure regulator, MFC, vacuum pump …)
  • Optional password and user levels
  • Multilingual versions like English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc. (user selectable)

Linseis TA Administration Software

The administration program provides fundamental functionality for configuring Linseis measuring instruments and programs. It empowers users to establish user profiles and groups, granting specific authorizations, while also facilitating the administration of reference tables and material parameters. Additionally, this program allows for the creation and fine-tuning of measuring instruments.

Key Functions:

  1. Measuring instrument configuration.
  2. User and user group creation, including authorization management.
  3. Oversight of material parameters and reference tables.
  4. Gas management.
  5. Fundamental software package settings.
  6. Multilingual support with options including English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and more (user-selectable).
Administration of Instruments, User, Groups and Materials

Linseis TA Evaluation Software

The “Evaluation” program is dedicated to the analysis and management of measurement curves, offering a comprehensive range of functions. Moreover, it features an array of plug-ins that can be selected during installation, expanding its capabilities for data analysis. These plugins are particularly useful for swift and straightforward evaluation, editing, and visualization of measurement curves.

Key Functions:

  1. Signal correction.
  2. Extensive tools for editing measurement curves.
  3. Automated axis arrangement.
  4. Automatic conversion of physical properties.
  5. Segment-wise evaluation of running measurements.
  6. Undo/Redo function.
  7. Envelope history for tracking and reverting processing steps.
  8. Generation of measurement reports based on user-defined templates.
  9. Zoom function for enhanced display and evaluation.
  10. Enlarged representation of specific data areas within a project (Inset view).
  11. Comprehensive export functions for graphics and data.
  12. Import functionality for text files.
  13. Loading multiple measurement curves into a project.
  14. Optional password protection and user levels.
  15. Multilingual support including English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and more (user-selectable).
  16. Interface for the Python programming language to enable the integration of additional evaluation functions.
Evaluation software interface
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