Thermogravimetry – TGA

Thermogravimetric analysis / thermobalance

Cutting-Edge Linseis Thermogravimetry Instruments (TGA):

Discover the excellence of Linseis thermogravimetry (TGA) instruments, known for their advanced top-loading design and unparalleled user-friendliness. Our instruments boast a maximum sensitivity measurement system. Engineered with specially designed furnaces, they offer rapid heating and cooling rates, coupled with precise temperature control within the broad range of -150°C up to 2400°C.

These systems can be optionally equipped with EGA (Evolved Gas Analysis) coupling devices, adding an extra layer of versatility. Our instruments are exceptionally well-suited for in-depth studies in thermal composition, thermal stability, and oxidation.

LINSEIS Thermobalances (TGA) adhere to stringent national and international standards, including but not limited to:

  • ASTM E 914
  • ASTM E 1131
  • ASTM E 1868
  • DIN 51006
  • ISO 7111
  • ISO 11358

Experience cutting-edge technology and precision with Linseis thermogravimetry instruments, tailored to meet the highest industry standards and research demands.

LINSEIS DSC overview

TGA PT 1000

  • Toploading low drift Thermobalance (TGA) 
  • High speed microfurnace for very fast heating and cooling
  • Many accessories such as gas dosing systems, sample robots, MS/FTIR coupling, etc.
  • Temperature range RT up to 1100°C
  • Price range: $

TGA PT 1600

  • Modular top loading high temperature Thermobalance (TGA)
  • Numerous options and upgrades: sample robot, gas dosing system, vacuum, many different sample holders and crucibles for different applications
  • Temperature range: -150 up to 1000/ 1400/ 1600/ 1750/ 2000/ 2400°C
  • Price range: $$


  • Magnetic levitation balance (MSB)
  • separation of reactor and balance
  • allows most challenging applications under severe temperature/gas conditions
  • Temperature range: -196 up to 2400°C
  • from 10E-5mbar to 150 bar
  • Price range: $$$

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Relative Humidity L40/RH

  • The typical temperature range for humidity generator is between room temperature and 80°C with a controllable relative humidity from 0.2% up to 98%
  • For the analysis of food, pharmaceuticals, building materials or biological processes
  • The other possibility is to measure under isothermal conditions

Water Vapor L40/MV

  • By mixing water vapor, produced in a water vapor generator, with a carrier gas like air, nitrogen or helium, variable concentration (in Vol.-%, wt.% or ppm) of the water vapor in the sample gas can be adjusted within our analyzers
  • The generator evaporates water without necessarily mixing the residual water vapor with other purge gases, which allows 100% H2O atmosphere at the sample


TGA 1000 Product Brochure (PDF)

Product Overview ENGLISH (PDF)

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