Thin Film Analyzer

Analyzer for Thermal Conductivity and Electrical Properties

Physical properties are assuming an increasingly pivotal role in various industries, especially in the realm of thin film applications. These applications span a wide array of technologies, including phase-change materials, optical disk media, thermoelectric materials, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), fuel cells, phase-change memories, flat panel displays, and the broader semiconductor industry.

To effectively evaluate the compatibility and efficiency of thin film technology for specific applications, a range of measurement principles has been developed over time. These principles have served as the foundation for the creation of specialized measuring instruments.

Traditionally, materials research has predominantly focused on macroscopic samples, often referred to as bulk samples. Consequently, the initial development of measurement devices was primarily geared toward solid materials. However, given the distinctive characteristics of nanostructured samples, a different metrology approach is required to adequately characterize them.


Unique device for a comprehensive thin film characterization from the nm to the µm scale


Thin Film LaserFlash – Time Domain ThermoReflectance (TDTR)- Thermal diffusivity of nm to µm thick thin films

HCS 1/10/100

Variable configurations for Hall Coefficient and Resistivity measurements of thin films and foils


Most advanced Seebeck Coefficient and Electric Resistivity (LSR) characterization of Bulk material and Thin-Films


Combined LFA (Thermal Conductivity / Diffusivity) + LSR (Seebeck Effect and Electric Resistivity) for a complete ZT-Characterization of bulk and µm thick thin films

LFA 1000

LFA 1000 – True LaserFlash Analyzer – The premium device. Thermal diffusivity measurements of µm thick thin films  in the temperature range from -125°C up to +2800°C.

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Linseis Products for Thin Film Characterization

Linseis provides an extensive array of products designed for the assessment of both thermal and electrical transport properties in thin films, spanning from the nanometer (nm) to the micrometer (µm) scale. These measurements can be conducted over a broad temperature range, starting from liquid nitrogen (-196°C) and extending all the way up to temperatures reaching +2800°C.

Two key instruments in our lineup, the TFA and HCS 1, align with internationally recognized standards such as ASTM F76 – 08. These standards dictate the methodologies for measuring resistivity, Hall coefficient, and determining Hall mobility in single-crystal semiconductors.

Our Thin Film Analysis product lineup consists of:

We offer a diverse range of instruments, each tailored to specific thin film analysis needs:

TFA – Thin Film Analyzer: A chip-based platform that simultaneously measures a thin film’s thermal conductivity, in-plane electrical conductivity, Seebeck coefficient, and Hall constant. It operates in a temperature range from -170°C to 280°C and in magnetic fields of up to 1 T.

TF-LFA: An advanced version of the standard LaserFlash, employing a pump-probe setup (TDTR) for measuring thermal diffusivity. This optical technique characterizes nanometer to micrometer-thick thin films, coatings, and highly conductive bulk materials.

HCS Platform – Hall Characterization System: Our hall systems, adaptable with permanent magnets or electromagnets, are used for assessing the electrical transport properties (resistivity, Hall constant, charge carrier concentration, Hall mobility) of thin films or bulk samples over a temperature range from -196°C to +700°C.

LSR Platform: This standard platform is designed for measuring thin film resistivity and Seebeck coefficient across an extensive temperature span, from -100°C to +1500°C. It’s versatile with various adapters to cater to thin films, free-standing films, foils, and offers the innovative Harman technique for zT measurement.

LFA – LaserFlash Analyzer: Ideal for measuring the thermal diffusivity of thicker films and coatings, typically in the tens to hundreds of micrometers range. The Laser Flash technique enables thermal transport measurements even at high temperatures, up to +2800°C.

LZT: A cost-effective solution for thermoelectric samples, combining the capabilities of a LaserFlash Analyzer and an LSR unit for comprehensive analysis.


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